Microsoft Editor and How to use it – setup setup – Microsoft Editor is an associate intelligent writing assistant powered by AI accessible for Word, Outlook, and as an extension to the browser. Available in over 20 languages, Microsoft Editor aims to make you a far better writer. Here’s a quick check to use it out of the way.

As long as you have a Microsoft account, Microsoft provides a basic version of the editor for free. This version contains, like a grammar and spell checker, the essentials that you would expect during a writing assistant. For Microsoft 365 subscribers only, Editor’s premium options are offered setup

How to Use Editor for the Web – setup

You will have to download the online extension to use Microsoft Editor online. The Editor has an associate extension available for Chrome and Edge at the time of writing.

The extension can be found and installed on your various browsers. The Editor icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar once installed. Click it and from the menu, choose “Sign In.”

Once you have logged in to your Microsoft account, the extensive menu will display a few options. You’ll switch various linter options on/off here, such as spelling or grammar. Toggle the slider to the left for the respective option to disable a feature.

In addition, you’ll also pick one of the Editor-supported proofing languages.

The extension to the Editor is not compatible with any online platform. It’s compatible with WordPress, for example, but not with OneDrive. So it’s only possible to edit a Word doc in OneDrive by using the native Editor feature in Microsoft 365.

The extension of the editor functions in the same way as mentioned in the previous section. That is, with a solid or dashed line, errors within the text will be underlined, and clicking the underlined word will cause a suggestion to appear. To swap the source material, you can click on the Editor’s suggestion.

If you are working online and the editor is in the process, you can disable the editor on that particular site. “Click the extension icon in the toolbar at the location and choose “Disable Editor.

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